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Rebel Whitecoat Podcast|Holistic Health|Natural Medicine for Energy, Mood, & Anxiety|Crunchie Moms|Spirituality

Mar 30, 2020

So many of us are going to find ourselves starting fresh and doing new things as we transition out of quarantine and back into regular everyday life because so much has changed with the economy and our jobs etc. Now is the time to embrace the awkward phase that comes with anything NEW. This episode will give you the permission to do it messy and imperfect. We are in this $hit show together my friend. Let's embrace it instead of letting us stall out.

If you are finding yourself starting over because you lost your job or want to start something new and exciting for extra income, I will be mentoring a small group of women who want to start a business from their cell phone sharing products that will help people boost energy and their immune system and be the healthiest versions of themselves. Everyone wants health right now and now is the time to join me. Send me a DM at IG @kellyrompelcoaching or send me an email at and lets chat!