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Nov 20, 2020

2020 means YOU NEED ALL THE IMMUNE SYSTEM HELP YOU CAN GET! My go-to are these 2 supplements right here:

1. Accelerated Silver. My friend Sara Banta(check out ep. 110 for more info on her and her products!) created THE best silver I have ever found. It's antiviral, tastes like water, safe, and effective. Use coupon code...

Nov 11, 2020

A pendulum makes it SUPER easy to tap into your intuition and get your questions answered. This episode dives into pendulum work: how to use them and where to find them. You don't have to be a witch or a gifted woman to use this tool. Its for everyone and worked with your own energy.

Ready to up your supplement game?!...

Apr 28, 2020

Every woman needs a sacred special spot in their home to chill and zen out. This episode is all about how to create a small space in your home that is perfect for meditating, reading, journaling, and getting your peace on! Check out some ideas on Pinterest and get excited to make it a reality. Some things you may want...

Apr 27, 2020

I pulled cards for you and I think you will be blown away by this message. The Angels were talking loud and clear and want you to remember these three things:

1. The financial stress will pass

2. Focus on Your Family at this time

3. If you are feeling angry, shift your focus back to what matters right!


Apr 7, 2020

Welcome to the FINAL episode of the mini chakra series episode 7!

The Crown Chakra is our seventh major chakra located on the top of the head. It represents spiritual connection and our higher selves.  

Check out the essential oils kit I mention in this episode. Perfectly blended for chakra alignment and they smell...