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Rebel Whitecoat Podcast|Boost Your Mood, Focus, and Energy Naturally| Functional Medicine | Epigenetics | Spirituality

Nov 28, 2018

In this episode I dive into what I use to prevent and/or reduce sickness time of coughs, cold, flu and how to boost your immune system this winter. Here are the supplements mentioned in this episode:

1. Womens Vitamin w/Probiotic & Digestive Enzymes:

2. Adult Probiotic:


Nov 23, 2018

The holidays are here and you are forced to be around family members that may trigger you. This episode dives into the struggles of taking things personally and how to reframe your thoughts around the opinions of others. 

Cheers to strong energetic boundaries this holiday season!

Massive Love,

Kelly Rompel

Nov 15, 2018

Having awareness around the causes of your anxiety is the key to you managing it. Sometimes we have to get back to the basics of asking ourselves what we need to let go of in life and what we need more of in order to be less anxious and stressed. I mention protecting your energy in this episode and I go into greater...

Nov 14, 2018

Sometimes we have to be willing to loosen our grip and expectations for life. There is such great power in the willingness to surrender and let faith take over. Control and anxiety lower your vibe and make you less of an energetic match to receive so stop giving your power away to unnecessary worry and control.

I would...

Nov 8, 2018

In this episode I share how I chose to struggle in my past. Struggle is a choice and a pattern. I believed that struggle made me worthy of success. Have a listen and let me know if you can relate.

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