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Rebel Whitecoat Podcast|Boost Your Mood, Focus, and Energy Naturally| Functional Medicine | Epigenetics | Spirituality

Sep 18, 2023

This is episode is all about sleep! Deep, high quality sleep can make a huge impact on your mood, hormones, and so many other processes in the body. This week's special guest is Nurse Practitioner, Renee Kindler. She specializes in helping busy women boost their energy, sleep better, and think more clearly by balancing...

Aug 7, 2023

Are you a mouth breather? This is a MUST listen episode! This week I have Disordered Breathing Specialist, Ronda Holman, the Airway Champion! She is a 24 year, US Airforce trained, dental assistant who has spent her entire career looking at airway disorders and their negative effects in the mouth.  She has dedicated the...

Jul 31, 2023

Let's dive into another client case! I let you know the exact process I take with each of my clients so you can get insight into what my new Bye Burnout program looks like. You will hear about what functional labs we use, our go to protocols for supporting the gut and adrenals, and other insight into what approaches we...

Jul 14, 2023

I am changing it up this week on the Rebel WhiteCoat Podcast by doing something I have never done before... I am giving you full insight on one of my client's by doing a full case study review to let you know every single thing we did to help her improve her symptoms naturally!

Highlights from this episode:

  • client...

Jul 10, 2023

Check out this week's episode on the Rebel WhiteCoat Podcast is all about gut health! I am talking about all things digestion, food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, stool testing, and more.

Highlights from this Episode:

  • Why you should dig deeper on your nutrient deficiencies
  • What is malabsorption and why is it...