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Feb 3, 2020


Getting to see my clients’ finally owning their worth and loving themselves is the greatest gift of my life.

I have a private practice as a certified clinical hypnotherapist on the Mendocino Coast. After completing an accelerated program at the Thunderbird Graduate School of Global Management, I went on to receive further education at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, as well as training for neuro-linguistic-programming at Inner Mind Sourcing, in Sante Fe, New Mexico. All this study was aimed at solving the problem of crippling self-doubt, beginning with my own and then using what I’d learned to help others. 

I was inspired to begin writing my story during a self-hypnosis session in 2014. Hypnosis is actually closer to meditation than what the stereotype of hypnosis is, and in this case it allowed me to reign in my inner critic and access the necessary courage to reveal my most shameful secrets. In my twenties, I had success as a professional actress in Hollywood, but unfortunately that also meant I experienced abuse by powerful men in the industry. The first draft of my memoir was finished the day the allegations against Harvey Weinstein were made public; my story couldn’t be more timely in this era of #MeToo. Yet ultimately the book tells of a life-long quest for sovereignty—a heroine’s journey in which I discover the power to exercise my own choices. How different my story would have been if I’d already had that power, when accosted by such predators as Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski.

After writing my book, Ravishing, what I know is this—It isn’t what’s been done to you, but what you do with it that counts. The most essential things in life (including real beauty) are invisible and to never underestimate the resiliency of the human spirit. As Jane Fonda famously said, “It’s never too late to be happy."

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