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Nov 9, 2020

Nadine Artemis is Aromacologist, Author, and Green Beauty Formulator. She is the author of two books including Renegade Beauty: Reveal and Revive Your Natural Radiance and Holistic Dental Care. 

Artemis is an innovative aromacologist, developing immune enhancing formulas and medicinal blends for health and wellness. Her healing creations, along with her concept of renegade beauty, encourage effortlessness, eschew regimes, and inspire people to rethink conventional notions of beauty and wellness.


You can buy her AMAZING products here

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I’m personally obsessed with the Frankincense moisturizing cleanser, rose glow emollient, and happy gum drops! 

Living Libations products are found online, at Nordstrom's, The Detox Market, Amazon, Free People, Urban Outfitters, GOOP

A frequent commentator on health and beauty for media outlets, and her products have received rave reviews in the New York Times, Goop, New York Magazine, Vogue, InStyle, The Hollywood Reporter and many more. Described by Alanis Morissette as “a true-sense visionary,” 

Visit her website: